Wyldwood Grove

The Grove

Wyldwood Grove is a Pagan resource and community established in August 2011.

The Wyldwood Grove has its own tradition; the Wyldwood tradition, which has been built from the experiences of the members and their relationship to the land, the Gods, and the many spiritual beings they may encounter. You can find articles about aspects of the Wyldwood tradition throughout this site.

The community is non-hierarchical, in which decisions are made for the community, by the community. It is organised on the principles of the Norse Virtues which form part of our constitution.

Although our members may be parts of other organisations, Wyldwood Grove is completely autonomous as a community.

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Paganism cannot be covered in a single web page; this is partly due to the amount of traditions there are within it and also to the complexity of each tradition and of Paganism as a whole.

Within Wyldwood Grove we have our own tradition, built from our relationship to the land, to our ancestors and to many other Pagan traditions. In the Wyldwood tradition there are many aspects, customs and practices which may be familiar to pracitioners of Wicca or modern Druidry, core Shamanism or Asatru, however we have, through research and practice, sought to create something meaningful to our members; something which both brings to life the ancient, strong and wild practices of our ancestors, and at the same time creates a tradition appropriate to modern life. A practitioner of the Wyldwood Tradition may freely adapt the practices and customs to meet their own needs, may walk their path through the Wyldwood in an ancient, primal manner, or approach the groves and paths of the Wyldwood in a modern, ceremonial and philosophical manner.

Please use the links below to explore articles on various aspects of Paganism as practiced within the Wyldwood Grove. If you have any questions relating to Paganism, please feel free to contact us and we will try to answer you within 24 hours.


1 - Philosophy

We do not discriminate based on skin colour, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or any of the other wonderful variables which make up the rich tapestry of life. The path to Asgard; Bifrost, is a rainbow bridge, showing that all colours are welcome. Trolls walk among the Aesir, sometimes as blood brothers, showing that there should be no discrimination.

That being said, Wyldwood Grove is a Pagan community, whilst we will accept into it members of other religions, we respectfully ask that they respect our beliefs and do not disrupt our practices, as we would respect theirs.

Wyldwood Grove is not focussed on any particular Pagan path, but it does place a heavy emphasis on living Paganism; actually walking your talk. While many members choose a Celtic or Scandinavian path, we are always willing to accept and integrate the paths of other cultures.

2 - Community

At the core of every human culture is community. Humans are social animals; to maintain sound mind and to survive we need a group of people willing to work together for the continuation, growth and reputation of the community. This does not mean passively accepting the status quo, it means active participation in community activities and involvement in decision making and the growth of the community. Our philosophy is similar to Ubuntu; an african philosophy which says "I am because we are". We also see that the community extends to embrace the other-than-human; the animals, plants, trees, hills, mountains, rivers, and so on. Just as this Shamanic philosophy promotes the idea that we are all one, so too does science, albeit in a less spiritual way; we are all made of the same stardust.

To be part of Wyldwood Grove is to be an active participant in the community.

3 - Personal History

It is not what you have done, but what you will do that matters.

This being said, part of the aim of our community is to provide a safe place for our members, and so we reserve the right to deny entry into our community to those who have been proven guilty of serious offences in a court of law. Likewise if a member is found to commit an offence, we will assist any victims with pressing appropriate charges where possible. We also operate a three strike policy on bullying, harrassment and any other activities which cause harm to others.

If requested by the police to co-operate with an investigation, we will do so.

4 - Norse Virtues

The following is a list of nine agreed noble virtues. These virtues are found within the Elder Edda, primarily within the Hávamál and these are the "rules" by which Wyldwood Grove operates.

  1. Courage;
  2. Truthfulness;
  3. Honour;
  4. Fidelity;
  5. Self-Discipline;
  6. Hospitality;
  7. Industriousness;
  8. Self-Reliance;
  9. Steadfastness.