Credit for saving energy costs

by Matthew Williams

Everyone would like to save on their energy costs, but before doing so you should check carefully whether there is still potential for savings in the respective building and your own consumption of energy. Then you can get the corresponding offers and consider whether you have to take out a loan to save. It is particularly worthwhile to take out a loan when it comes to energy costs, instead of having to go through the tedious process of saving on investment costs when there are not enough funds available. After all, you can get the additional cost of the loan back month after month by saving immediately.


Check your own energy consumption

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If you have been living in the same building for several years, you should not only use the last year as a basis, but also use an average of the consumption over several years for a comparison. After all, the winter months are not equally cool every year and, on the other hand, our lifestyle changes over the years. These include heating, maybe a lot of overtime was worked just last year and so the longer absence meant that less heating was done. Many factors play a role in the consumption of energy, so as long a period as possible is helpful as a basis for comparison. To assess whether your own consumption is particularly high or maybe already very low, there are comparison tables that provide an overview broken down by year of construction and living space.


The roof is often a weak point

The roof is often a weak point

The roof is often the least insulated, especially in older houses. Especially the many beautiful bungalows from the seventies lack insulation under the roof. Here is one expensive roof insulation, even if a loan has to be taken out for it, a thoroughly worthwhile investment. As a rule, it can be said that from around the age of twenty a house almost certainly needs insulation. In addition, you should consider, if you want to take out a loan for the renovation of the house, to extend it to a solar system on the roof. If the heating needs to be replaced anyway, supporting the heating system with solar is a good opportunity for savings. Often, the conditions at the financial institutions are even better than with a normal loan.