Unallocated loans or credits

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Unallocated credit refers to the provision of capital on the bank account of a borrower to carry out one or more projects of his choice without having to justify his expenses. Among unrestricted credits, there are two possibilities: personal loan and revolving credit. What are their important differences?

Unallocated personal loan

Unallocated personal loan

The unrestricted personal loan can be used to finance a trip, study, or any other project at the discretion of the borrower or co-borrowers. The maximum amount awarded is 75,000 dollar s. The maximum repayment period is set at 7 years. Interest rates are below 10%, sometimes even below 3%. They vary depending on the repayment period chosen.

At the signing of the contract, an amortization schedule is given to the borrower. It includes the date of the first due date and that of the last. The repayment period is therefore fixed in advance, as well as the amount of the monthly payments. As soon as the borrowed capital is made available, the first monthly payment is started. The borrower is free to use all or part of the money.

Revolving credit

Revolving credit

A revolving loan is a line of credit that is payable in fixed monthly installments. The product is unique in that once 15% of the loan has been repaid; you can borrow again - up to your original amount.

Like the unrestricted personal loan, the use of revolving credit can be split. It can be used to manage unforeseen events, or finance small purchases up to the amount granted. The capital made available is however much lower than the personal loan. It can be subscribed to two. Interest is high, between 16 and 20%. They are calculated on the amount of capital used.

This is then replenished as monthly payments are made and can therefore be reused, hence its name of revolving credit. However, due to its high rates, the capital repaid is minimal. The repayment tenure is therefore unlimited. However, as long as the money reserve is not used, the borrower does not pay anything. It is possible to repay in advance and without penalty a revolving credit by an unrestricted personal loan, less expensive and limited in time.

Credit in a few moments

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With Good Finance, another fintech company is bringing a real instant loan onto the market. Good Finance grants the loans in cooperation with the Good Credit Bank and uses its finance portal. The credits are transferred to the customer's current account immediately after the digital application process has been completed.

The Good Credit Bank is not a financial institution of the internet age like many direct banks. The renowned private bank from Hamburg was founded in 1921. The focus was and is the advice and support of clients in the accumulation of assets.

Through its banking platform

Through its banking platform

It offers digital companies in the financial services sector products from a licensed bank that the fintech needs to implement their respective business models. The bank's partners can access their offers via interfaces. Together with Good Finance, the bank is now also active in the lending business for the first time.

Good Finance is a very young fintech company, which currently concentrates solely on the fully automatic issuing of short-term small loans. A fully digital loan is offered using the latest technology. The financial service provider uses a special rating procedure and does not use a Credit Checker for the credit check. The company is apparently still in the introductory phase (as of November 25, 2017). The website is structured accordingly.

On the homepage, you will find a credit calculator with a slide function in the center of the page. In this way, customers can see at a glance what total costs the desired loan will cause. There is currently still an introductory offer. The first loan applied for should be completely free. The introductory offer has apparently expired.

Apparently it is not yet possible to start the application process together with the download of the required APP directly from the website.

Good Finance credit: conditions and application requirements

Good Finance credit: conditions and application requirements

The possible credit line is between 100 dollars and 2,500 dollars. For new customers, the maximum amount is 500 dollars. The loans can be used in any way. The terms can be agreed individually. The shortest term is 14 days, the longest 90 days. If the term is up to 30 days, the repayment will be made in one amount at the end of the term.

Loans with terms up to 60 days can be repaid in two installments, loans with terms up to 90 days in three installments. As far as can be seen, the interest depends on the creditworthiness. The cheapest effective annual interest rate is 5.95%.

The loan can be repaid before the individually agreed term expires. An extension of the loan term is currently not possible but is planned. After proper repayment of borrowed loans, subsequent loans can be applied for. Eligible applicants are persons of legal age who are resident and have an account in Germany.

In addition, regular cash receipts must be ascertainable on the account specified in the application process.

It doesn't necessarily have to be salary payments. For example, students are also eligible to apply, provided the regular cash receipts guarantee the repayment of the loan.

During the digital application process, Good Finance checks how much credit the customer can afford taking into account the regular incoming payments. If the desired loan amount cannot then be paid out, Good Finance may suggest a smaller amount.

Good Finance credit without Credit Checker?

Good Finance credit without Credit Checker?

Is the Good Finance loan a loan without a Credit Checker? In a way yes.

Good Finance does not work with Credit Checker at all. Credit Checker information is neither obtained nor are loan applications or lending entered in the Credit Checker file.

Credit Checker Score or the presence of soft, negative Credit Checker characteristics are irrelevant for lending.

However, a credit check is carried out in order to meet the legal requirements and to protect customers from over-indebtedness. The test is done in two ways.

On the one hand, the digital account statement made available as part of the fully automatic application process is automatically evaluated. The data are used as the basis for a special rating procedure, which is based primarily on socio-demographic data.

Personal and economic data of the customer resulting from the bank statements are used. Second, Good Finance works with the credit agency Creditreform Boniversum GmbH in order to be able to evaluate official directories in a matter of seconds.

The entire credit check is processed automatically during the application process and takes only seconds.

40000 Dollar credit: the best online offers

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Are you planning a major purchase or do you want to renovate your own home and are looking for a loan of 40,000 dollars? Here you will find a free and non-binding loan comparison with many cheap offers.

In addition, we present the offers of a reputable credit broker and inform you about the possibility to apply for a so-called P2P loan. Before you start a credit comparison, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of the comparison:

Would you like to finance a car with 40,000 dollars or do you need a real estate loan in this amount, for example, to finance renovation measures? Set the appropriate purpose. Some direct banks grant special-purpose loans on particularly favorable terms.

Which offer is the cheapest, at least according to the paper form?


The deciding factor is the information on average interest rates below each provider. However, the total cost is calculated using the cheapest interest rate. It is unrealistic. In the representative example, assume the average interest rate and calculate the actual charge using an interest calculator.

Many direct banks offer unit interest rates. However, these interest rates only apply to customers whose creditworthiness is better than a certain fixed limit. Customers with poorer credit ratings do not receive any credit at all or are offered a loan at higher interest rates.

Customers who have a better credit rating than the credit limit pay too much interest because the interest rate is based on the poor credit rating. Therefore, do not be irritated by the low unit interest rates and mainly consider credit offers with interest rates dependent on creditworthiness.

Pay attention not only to the amount of the effective interest shown but also to other credit conditions such as free special repayments, installment suspensions or early loan repayment without a prepayment penalty.

In addition to the offers from the loan calculator, also take into account the loans from the credit broker Good Credit and compare this offer with the one that the loan comparison provides.

40,000 dollar loan comparison with E-Money

40,000 dollar loan comparison with E-Money

The E-Money loan comparison takes into account most direct banks and therefore gives a comprehensive overview of the situation on the credit market. Now and then the direct banks offer exclusive interest rates that only apply if the credit request is started directly via the comparison calculator. In this case, E-Money offers another service.

The user of the computer receives an assessment of the chances of realization immediately after sending the request. If the chances are estimated at 100 percent, the comparison portal issues an award guarantee.

Many direct banks meanwhile enable video identification. The use of this procedure is optional. The PostIdent procedure can continue to be used. In addition, some banks offer a document upload via a secure connection.

A computer with a camera is required to use both. Modern technology significantly shortens the application process and speeds up the payment of the loan amount.

Allocation requirements for a 40,000 dollar loan

Allocation requirements for a 40,000 dollar loan

Applicants must be of legal age and apply for the loan in their own name. You must be a resident in Germany and have a current account in Germany. Most direct banks require a co-signer or a guarantor if the amount exceeds USD 40,000.

Most direct banks only lend to permanent employees or civil servants. Lending is not possible during the trial period. In the case of temporary employment relationships, the credit term must expire within the period.

The vast majority of direct banks do not lend to the self-employed. Formally, senior loans are possible. However, pensioners and pensioners will not have an easy time getting loans of $ 40,000 from direct banks. The specific lending requirements depend on the guidelines of the bank, which can vary considerably from bank to bank.

There are differences above all in the assessment of economic creditworthiness and personal creditworthiness, which is determined by information from credit agencies and by score values.

Taking their guidelines into account, the banks estimate the costs of living incurred in individual cases plus existing prior obligations. In addition, the attachable income must, in any case, be sufficient to ensure that the bank can secure the repayment of the loan.

For security reasons, the attachable income must be ceded. Most of the time it is a silent assignment that the employer only becomes aware of when the borrower is in arrears.

The attachable part of the labor income can be determined using attachment tables.

In order to receive a loan of over 40,000 dollars, the income must be relatively high, even if long terms are chosen.

With a term of 96 months, even with the best offer from the E-Money loan calculator, the rate is around 500 dollars.

In the case of a maintenance obligation for one person, the borrower must earn around USD 2,500 net. If there is no maintenance obligation, it is still around 1,860 dollars.

These are the amounts that are required to cover the monthly installments from the attachable income component.

The relatively high incomes required explain why direct banks typically require two applicants with income.

Applicants must provide proof of their income using suitable supporting documents. As a rule, copies of the bank statements of the past months must also be provided.

What does a 40,000 dollar loan cost?

What does a 40,000 dollar loan cost?

The cost of a loan of this size depends not only on the interest rate and the creditworthiness of the applicant but above all on the loan term.

Banks naturally want to sell loans. If customers are unable to cope with the installments with reasonable terms, they swallow up loans with particularly long terms because the monthly credit rates will then be lower.

Borrowers, on the other hand, want their loan in any case and do not consider the total cost.

Example: A 40,000 dollar loan is given to a medium-quality borrower at a real interest rate of 6.5 percent. You can choose between terms of 72 months, 96 months and 120 months.

With a term of 72 months, the costs are 8,158 dollars at a monthly rate of 669 dollars, at 96 months it is 11,052 dollars at a rate of 532 dollars and at 120 months the total costs are 15,050 dollars, while the monthly rate is 450 dollars is falling.

This sample calculation does not take into account that some banks charge higher interest rates for longer terms. If this is the case, the total cost of the loan increases with the term of the loan.

Loan terms should always be based on the normal useful life of the item purchased with the loan. For this reason, terms of more than 72 months are rarely justified for normal acquisition loans.

The situation is different if 40,000 dollars are required for renovation, reconstruction or modernization measures.

Longer maturities are justified for residential and real estate loans, but then the interest rates are significantly lower.

Either the borrower chooses a dedicated home loan without a mortgage, or a mortgage is entered to secure the loan.


Don’t fall for sham offers – find a number of websites that offer loans

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Every month thousands of Social Welfare recipients search for loans on the Internet. You will find it at first glance. Under the relevant search terms, you will find a number of websites that offer loans for Social Welfare recipients. On closer inspection, however, disillusionment sets in. And Social Welfare recipients should take a close look, so that they do not fool unsound traders.

Anyone who takes a closer look at the offers on the relevant websites will quickly find out: Either it is credit recommendations that require a guarantor or a co-signer. These are the harmless cases. The loans themselves are mostly reputable. Or there are bogus offers in the gray area for crime. If you get involved with such dubious dealers, you may gain experience, but you won't get a loan on reasonably affordable terms.

Often these traders are only targeting their victims' money. They charge upfront costs without being able to provide a financial service. Sometimes they are address dealers. Or they want to bring some financial products or insurance to the market.

If a loan is actually arranged in rare exceptional cases, this only happens after insurance has been taken out and at exorbitant interest. If you are looking for a loan as a Social Welfare recipient, be very careful. Many putate credit providers are trying to use your financial hardship in favor of semi-silk businesses. Be realistic and don't be fooled by the alleged posite customer reviews that you can find on some websites.

Loan from the job center

Loan from the job center

The best and often the only way for Social Welfare recipients to get a loan is the interest-free loan from the job center. The conditions for granting loans are regulated in the second book of the Social Code (Section 2 SGB II) As a rule, these are small loans for amounts between USD 100 and USD 00. You will be returned in small installments.

The loans from the job center are earmarked and require a certain emergency or an unavoidable need. Both have to be proven. The lending itself is at the discretion of the responsible clerk. Loans from the job center are granted, for example, for heating costs and electricity costs if there is otherwise a risk of the energy supply being switched off.

Rental deposits or inevitable repairs to the house you le in can also be financed with funds from the job center. An application is always required to recee the loans. Appropriate forms are sometimes available in the job centers. Here is a sample application for a loan despite Social Welfare: First choose the usual letterhead with name and address as well as the date of the application.

In addition to small loans, Social Welfare recipients can recee a so-called entry fee if self-employment is planned. The granting of this integration assistance is at the discretion of the authority. Entry fee is not easy to get.

First of all, there is a mediation priority. Before dealing with start-up grants, the clerk will first try to get his clients into an appropriate employment relationship. The applicant must also convince his clerk of the seriousness and prospects of success of the planned independence. This is done with a detailed written description of the planned project, with business plans, liquidity plans and profitability forecasts.

The clerk will expect proof of professional qualifications and a certificate of sustainability in the form of an expert opinion.

Bank loans at Social Welfare?

Bank loans at Social Welfare?

Which bank grants loans despite Social Welfare? The answer is: no bank does this. Recipients of unemployment benefit II have no income that can be seized. The payments are too low. A garnishment can also be prevented by setting up a garnishment protection account. It is therefore not possible to assign income claims. However, assignments of wages are often the only security for the mass business “consumer loans”.

What does it look like when special collateral can be provided? Usually not better at all. Real estate, securities or insurance contracts such as prate pensions or life insurance - recovery in the event of a disruption in performance always means a special effort for banks.

If such collateral is placed alongside assignments of wages, banks sometimes grant better credit terms. If the borrower does not pay, the assignment of wages is used first. It is easy. Additional collateral represents an additional reduction in the credit default risk. However, recourse is usually not necessary. This only happens in a few emergencies.

With loans for Social Welfare recipients, on the other hand, the costly realization of collateral would be the only way if the borrower no longer fulfills his obligations. In addition, Social Welfare recipients regularly only want to take out a small loan that they believe they can repay. But then the possible effort associated with the utilization of the security is disproportionate to the income. What does it look like if there is income from a part-time job in addition to Social Welfare ?

Due to the crediting regulations, the additional income associated with a part-time job will not be sufficient to get a loan from banks for peace. This also applies to short-term loans from special providers.

The way out: loan with guarantee

The way out: loan with guarantee

Most banks will decline if Social Welfare offers recipients guarantees. Credit intermediaries like Best Bank, on the other hand, seem to accept guarantees in such cases.

Best Bank does not broker a loan without a surety for Social Welfare recipients. In reality, however, it is usually not a question of guarantees, but of a second borrower. This or the guarantor must meet all creditworthiness requirements that are required by the guidelines of the lending bank.

In practice, close relates or friends are usually considered as guarantors or as co-signers of a loan agreement. Anyone entering into a loan with a Social Welfare recipient must be aware of the risk. Utilization is definitely possible. Guarantees and co-signers are also entered in the Credit Bureau file. As long as all obligations are fulfilled, the Credit Bureau entry is neutral.

However, before entries of this type can have a negate impact on creditworthiness if guarantors and co-signers want to take out a loan themselves. In our opinion, the way out via guarantors or co-signers is not the optimal solution. The credit conditions are often better if the Social Welfare recipient does not appear at all. Therefore, in many cases it makes more sense to let the friend or relate designated as co-signer or guarantor take out the loan alone. Repayment modalities can be determined by an internal agreement.

Commercial loan online: what are the options?

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Offers commercial loan for free lancer

Offers commercial loan for free lancer

Anyone looking for a commercial loan as a freelancer or entrepreneur will probably first turn to the banks that run the business accounts. These banks are generally well acquainted with all business data. A credit decision can be made relatively promptly, if necessary after submitting further documents.

But what if the house bank refuses to grant a loan or is only prepared to issue a loan against excessive risk premiums?  Self-employed and business people then face a problem.

Establishing contacts with another branch bank to obtain a loan there will be difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes, however, the use of commercial finance does not tolerate a delay. An alternative is to search for a suitable commercial loan on the Internet.

Cream Banks and other online financial service providers are quite cautious when it comes to loans to the self-employed. But some financial service providers also allow freelancers and traders to take out loans, not only for private investments and projects, but also for corporate financing.

Cream Bank offers, P2P loans from credit exchanges and credit intermediaries are eligible.  In order to quickly get to the best loan offer, the free use of credit comparison portals is recommended.

Across Lender business loan comparison

Centiloan business loan comparison

The Across Lender comparison portal is particularly suitable for the self-employed and entrepreneurs, because not only loans for traders are compared by Cream Banks. The loan comparison also takes into account two P2P loan offers. P2P loans are financed by private investors (crowdinvesting).

Across Lender itself operates a P2P portal, which is included in the comparison. Spin Lender is the product name. Good Lender is the market leader for P2P loans in Germany and claims to specialize in lending to self-employed customers.

Credit for professionals and self-employed 

Credit for professionals and self-employed 

The financial service provider provides loans and business loans to both freelancers and traders. As far as can be seen, the brokerage activity relates to both personal loans and commercial loans.  It is particularly suitable for small businesses and the self-employed who need smaller loans.

Loans up to an amount of USD 100,000 can be obtained at interest rates dependent on creditworthiness without proof of the use of funds.  There are small amounts from the first month of self-employment.  A lean application process applies to small loans. In the best case, the last bank statements should suffice.

What are business loans?

What are business loans?

A business loan or business loan is used to finance measures that serve to set up and maintain a business or a self-employed activity.  These include commercial properties such as factory buildings, workshops, storage rooms or hotels and restaurants.

Commercial equipment is used to purchase and maintain office equipment, machines or other equipment. Working capital loans are used to finance current assets (inventories and raw material purchases).

Commercial loans are taken out in order to be able to distribute a specific financing requirement over a desired period. In this way, the company account is not immediately debited with a high one-off payment.  Often, particularly long terms are strived for in order to keep the current monthly burden on the company as low as possible.  Maturities and the selected type of loan are primarily based on the intended use.

Loans for investments (investment loans) such as real estate, production facilities or office equipment are mostly granted as annuity loans. Relatively long terms are chosen for real estate and manufacturing facilities.

The term of the expected useful life (depreciation) will be adjusted for other investments.  On the other hand, working capital loans serve the short-term financing of goods and raw materials until they are processed and sold for a specific product.  Working capital loans can be repaid from the sales revenue, but they are needed again for each production cycle.

Such bridging loans are represented by overdrafts, framework loans or short-term installment loans.  Working capital loans are not only granted by banks. They can also come from business partners of a company, for example from the suppliers of the raw materials (supplier credits).

For banks, loans for commercial purposes are always a separate business area.  The award is based on different criteria than for consumer loans and the credit check is carried out according to different standards.

Credit check and lending practice for commercial loans

Credit check and lending practice for commercial loans

Credit checks in the context of commercial finance pose challenges for banks. Employees, civil servants or pensioners have easy to prove current income. Permanent employees and civil servants are expected to have sufficient regular income to repay a loan in the future.

This is different for traders and freelancers. The income of these occupational groups can fluctuate considerably.  In the banks' view, a forecast of the future development of revenue is associated with significantly higher uncertainties.

That is why most banks charge risk premiums on interest for commercial loans. Banks try to keep the risk low by carefully examining a number of documents.  This is hardly possible only with the help of a computer. Rather, it has to be checked manually whether the economic creditworthiness meets the award criteria of a particular bank.

In a first step, private credit checker information and often also information from other credit agencies is obtained. Private credit checker develops its own score tables for the self-employed and small businesses.

Calculate credit with residual rate.

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After all, with these alternative loans, car buyers can act as cash payers in the dealership and get significant discounts when buying a car. So it is a normal loan. Why is it that you have a headache when taking out credit with the recalculation? Returning the vehicle is also a possible alternative since the last installment is based on the vehicle value at the end of the credit period. Nevertheless, the interest rates of the individual banks can be calculated quickly.

Loans with recalculations We have the right solution for you.

Loans with recalculations We have the right solution for you.

Useful advice for credit difficulties with the recalculation. As you read, you'll learn how to prevent yourself from typing in expensive credit traps to lend using Restrate Calculation and how to get your loan easily. However, it is not possible for everyone to ask relatives or acquaintances for financial help for “credit calculation for new construction”.

A loan application to the house bank is unnecessary simply because of a Credit bureau registration or poor creditworthiness. Many do not know that - you can take out a loan even if you have poor creditworthiness and without Credit bureau information. Most of the time, they rely on well-known credit brokers who work closely with foreign banks to obtain a loan despite a negative credit rating.

The intermediary will primarily advise you in finding the best possible loan. The job of a professional credit broker is also to show you the advantages and disadvantages of a financing offer and to accompany you in the preparation of the application documents. Since many intermediaries have good relationships with less well-informed institutions, there is a good chance of negotiating more favorable credit terms with Restrate Calculation.

In contrast to large banks, where the credit approval process is largely computer-controlled, each service request is checked on a case-by-case basis. Such an application for a loan with recalculation would have no chance at all with an existing house bank. 

Loan with residual interest calculation

Loan with residual interest calculation

There are no more competent credit intermediaries than these two when it comes to questions like calculating residual rate loans. When calculating loans with residual interest, a reputable broker will act in your sense without exception. The intermediary also does not charge you a commission because it receives it from the house bank.

The credit guidelines, which are significantly simplified compared to Germany, speak in favor of a foreign financial institution. An unfavorable credit rating or a bad entry in the Credit bureau are therefore not very important for the loan with residual interest calculation. Basically, such online loans are financed by Capital credit institutions. When calculating loans with residual interest, it is particularly difficult for this group of people to get a loan.

Private individuals in an uncertain financial situation often have no opportunity to obtain a loan. Poor creditworthiness or indebtedness have a significant impact on the ability to finance. It is a bond granted by a Capital financial institution. Because such institutions do not conduct Credit bureau research, this obstacle to the search for credit is removed.

Take out a loan without a credit check 

Take out a loan without a credit check 

This is particularly advantageous when it comes to recalculation loans. Of course, it is not possible to take out a loan without a credit check or various forms of income and securities, not even from Capital financial institutions. With an acceptable credit rating, the Capital loan is a realistic credit option with recalculation, even if you have a negative entry in Switzerland.

Fair interest rates and good conditions are the be-all and end-all of the financing. All of this should provide a good financing option for credit with recalculate. As a rule, the funds required for planning with regard to the loan topic must be estimated as precisely as possible. It is better to meet the too narrow requirements with follow-up financing in the form of follow-up or additional financing.

If you want to take out a loan, you should assess your economic situation realistically and precisely control the expenses and income - even with loans, calculate with residual interest. It is important to be careful, accurate, and with absolute honesty about all information about your creditworthiness and your own financial situation - especially when it comes to loans with residual interest calculation, all information about your creditworthiness and your own financial situation must be correct, honest and sincere.

This is the only way to create a serious and precise picture of your economic situation, which will undoubtedly have a favorable effect on the probability of an emergency loan or an instant loan. Anyone who gives the house bank the impression of a reliable business partner by following the instructions given should be able to work with the loan and thus with the Calculate with Restrate loan.

Credit for saving energy costs

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Everyone would like to save on their energy costs, but before doing so you should check carefully whether there is still potential for savings in the respective building and your own consumption of energy. Then you can get the corresponding offers and consider whether you have to take out a loan to save. It is particularly worthwhile to take out a loan when it comes to energy costs, instead of having to go through the tedious process of saving on investment costs when there are not enough funds available. After all, you can get the additional cost of the loan back month after month by saving immediately.


Check your own energy consumption

credit loan

If you have been living in the same building for several years, you should not only use the last year as a basis, but also use an average of the consumption over several years for a comparison. After all, the winter months are not equally cool every year and, on the other hand, our lifestyle changes over the years. These include heating, maybe a lot of overtime was worked just last year and so the longer absence meant that less heating was done. Many factors play a role in the consumption of energy, so as long a period as possible is helpful as a basis for comparison. To assess whether your own consumption is particularly high or maybe already very low, there are comparison tables that provide an overview broken down by year of construction and living space.


The roof is often a weak point

The roof is often a weak point

The roof is often the least insulated, especially in older houses. Especially the many beautiful bungalows from the seventies lack insulation under the roof. Here is one expensive roof insulation, even if a loan has to be taken out for it, a thoroughly worthwhile investment. As a rule, it can be said that from around the age of twenty a house almost certainly needs insulation. In addition, you should consider, if you want to take out a loan for the renovation of the house, to extend it to a solar system on the roof. If the heating needs to be replaced anyway, supporting the heating system with solar is a good opportunity for savings. Often, the conditions at the financial institutions are even better than with a normal loan.

Debt restructuring repayments online

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Debt restructuring is the change in an existing debt relationship. Most of the time, this is done by reducing existing interest or principal payments. Debt restructuring therefore serves to reduce the repayment burden in order to prevent private over-indebtedness or to expand entrepreneurial or governmental scope for action.

When is debt restructuring possible and sensible?

When is debt restructuring possible and sensible?

It is often necessary to increase the amount of the debt. This is usually done through a new obligation. This can reduce the term of the debt and the repayment burden proportionally. By engaging one or more new creditors, debt restructuring measures are part of the external restructuring.

The relief can be achieved by switching from a fixed interest rate to variable interest rates. Another option is to agree on a new refinancing basis with the creditor. The effect is shown here in lower interest rates. In addition, interest and repayment charges can be mitigated by suspending or extending repayment periods or periods. Switching to types of repayments, such as bullet payment , where repayments are only made at the end of the term, can also lead to such a result.

Rescheduling on a lower-interest loan 

Rescheduling on a lower-interest loan 

Debt relief or deferral should not be confused with debt restructuring. The obligation relationship is not changed in either case. An exception to this is the extension of the term due to the deferral, since this requires a change in the contractual relationship. In order to be successful in rescheduling, it is important for the debtor to keep an eye on the notice periods for the loans.

Fixed-rate loans can be canceled six months before the end of the fixed interest period; floating rate loans within a quarter of a year. If a loan agreement is terminated before the fixed interest period expires, a prepayment penalty is usually incurred. If the planned interest rate savings are higher than the specified prepayment penalty, rescheduling on a lower-interest loan before the end of the fixed interest rate is often worthwhile.

Refuel and credit card

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The fuel card of Common Bank is designed primarily for all motorists, and especially for those who drive more often. It is they who can most appreciate the benefits of this credit card.

If you drive more often in the Czech Republic or abroad, and you would like to save up to 3% on comfortable mass or 1% on any shopping in the shops or on the Internet, then you might be interested in a fuel card from Relying Company. It combines the advantages of a credit card with the possibility of cheaper refueling of petrol or diesel to your car. If you do not use the card, nothing costs you and it is completely free.

Refueling card, which saves 3% on gasoline

Refueling card, which saves 3% on gasoline

Relying on the Company's fuel card is designed primarily for all motorists, and especially for those who drive more often. It is they who can most appreciate the benefits of this credit card. If you pay with a card at a petrol station in the Czech Republic or abroad, you will be refunded 3% of the payment. And not only from the payment for fuel but it any purchase at the gas station.

In addition, this refueling card works like any other credit card. When paying in stores or on the internet, you get 1% of the amount paid back. Cash withdrawals from ATMs are also possible, but these are for a fee. In the Czech Republic, this is USD 45, while abroad it is 2% of the amount withdrawn, but at least USD 175.

Free credit card - no charge

Free credit card - no charge

Card issuance and maintenance is free of charge and free of charge. So when you don't use the card, it costs you nothing, and it's free. It can serve as a quick financial reserve for any unexpected event if you go on holiday abroad.

You also have an interest-free period of 45 days. If you pay for the interest-free period, then using your credit card will cost you nothing. There are no fees. If you don't pay the full amount on time, then you will be charged interest at 23.99%. The card requires a minimum monthly payment of 1/30 of the credit limit. You can have a credit limit of $ 100 to $ 5,000.

What are the conditions for getting a 3% discount on petrol stations?

You can get a credit card if you are at least 21 years old and a maximum of 75 years old. And if you are a Czech citizen and have a permanent residence here. Finally, you also need to have some source of income.

Disclaimer: The operator of this site does not provide any financial services, loans or credits. The offers for these products displayed on this site come from various public sources on the Internet and are only aggregated on this page for comparison and easy search. The site operator is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information published here.

American mortgage up to 5 000 000 USD for anything

The American mortgage is also sometimes called the “upside-down mortgage”. While you just want to buy a property with a regular mortgage and the bank lends you money for it, with an American mortgage you already own a property.

Loan up to USD 20000 for employees or women on maternity leave

Loan up to USD 20000 for employees or women on maternity leave

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Get a Loan and What does it cost to live in a house?

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Across the country's 98 municipalities, there is a big difference between the price per square meter of a house, expenses for water, heat and electricity as well as items such as insurance price, basic tax and municipal tax.

At the same time, few people can afford to buy a new house without the help of the bank. Therefore, you should also make sure to include the cost of a home loan. It is also worth noting that home tax reform is changing from 2024, which will affect what you have to pay in the future.

Expenses of having a house in your municipality

Based on a house of 130 m2 and a family with two adults and two children, we have examined the monthly costs of living in a house in the different municipalities. We have illustrated the results using an interactive map of Denmark. This way you can easily find information about what it costs to live in the different municipalities.

Below you can get an overview of the results of the survey and get a better idea of ​​where in the country it is the cheapest and most expensive to live in, respectively.

What are the monthly expenses of living in house?

What are the monthly expenses of living in house?

As the map illustrates, there is a marked difference between what it costs to live in different municipalities. The highest monthly expenses are found in the City of Copenhagen and neighboring municipalities. The areas around Aarhus, Aalborg, and Odense are also at the more expensive end. For the entire country, the total monthly expenses are on average USD 11,240. However, you do not need to go far outside the big cities before prices fall significantly.

In the Region of Northern Jutland, only Aalborg Municipality is above the national average, where it costs USD 10,452.09 in monthly expenses. However, in the municipality of Mariager, about 50 kilometers south of Aalborg , the average monthly expenses are just over USD 6,000, which corresponds to about 60% of the monthly expenses of living in Aalborg Municipality . If you work in Aarhus Municipality, Norddjurs Municipality, northeast of Aarhus, may be interesting. Here, the average expenditure is close to USD 6,000 a month. This corresponds to just 40% of the cost of a similar house in Aarhus Municipality, where it costs USD 15,363.01 a month.

For the Region of Southern Denmark, only the Municipality of Odense and the Municipality of Fanø are above the national average. Living in Odense costs a little over USD 11,000 in monthly expenses in the municipality of Odense. If you choose to move 50 kilometers in either northwestern, southwestern or southeastern direction to the municipality of Nordfyn, Assens and Langelands respectively, you save between 40 and 50% . For example, it costs only USD 6,418.55 a month to live in a house in the municipality of Nordfyn

At the opposite end of the country, in the Capital Region, only Halsnæs Municipality and Bornholm Municipality are below the national average. For the Copenhageners, however, Holbæk Municipality to the west or Køge Municipality to the south can be cheaper alternatives. In Copenhagen Municipality, the average monthly expenses are more than USD 25,000. In Køge Municipality, the monthly expenses are less than half of what they are in the City of Copenhagen, and they are only USD 12,435.33 a month. In Holbæk Municipality, the expenses fall well below USD 10,000 a month. More than 62% savings .

The square meter price is highest in the Capital Region

The square meter price is highest in the Capital Region

If you want to get the most for your money, it might be an advantage to search away from Copenhagen and the major cities. According to the study, it is in municipalities such as Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Copenhagen, Lyngby-Taarbæk and Rudersdal that the highest costs are found when buying a house . In addition, in all five municipalities, the monthly expenses, as the only ones, are more than twice the national average .

A house in Frederiksberg Municipality costs more than USD 6,000,000 with monthly expenses in excess of USD 30,000. Conversely, a house in Lolland costs just over USD 400,000 with monthly expenses for around USD 5,000. Lolland Municipality is, together with Lemvig and Morsø Municipality, the only municipalities that in monthly expenses cost less than half the national average .

Municipalities such as Lolland, Tønder, Samsø and Lemvig are the municipalities that, according to the study, have the lowest house prices. Lolland Municipality is the country's absolute cheapest municipality in relation to house prices with an average of USD 460,000 for a house of 130m2. The average price for a similar house in the country's second cheapest municipality, Tønder Municipality, is around USD 660,000, or almost 45% more than for the house in Lolland.